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Nina's third album "Eyes Wide Open" was released by Losen Records september 2017.


"It was such a joy listening to Nina's album. The more I listened to it, the more I enjoyed it. These were melodic songs which told a story, song expressively by Nina's dark and mature voice. The band is excellent with a totally contemporary feel, and obviously enjoying playing Nina's inventive compositions.

A top class album"

Karin Krog


"Each of Pedersen’s compositions demonstrate an impressive ability to have the melody combine with the lyrics to produce a deeply emotional and compelling interplay."

Chris Baber. Jazz Views. UK 


"The original songs are all beautifully woven by their author, with superb melodic themes and intelligent lyrics. They are all standard quality and the album flows smoothly from start to finish like a collection of well known tunes, which of course is a rare quality."

Adam Baruch. The Soundtrack Of My Life. Israel


"Including the lyrics in the liners adds to the enjoyment as one can contemplate the poetic words along with the contemporary music. A quiet and a most pleasant surprise."
Cadence Jazz Magazine. USA



Guesting "Jazzklubben" on NRK Radio.