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"We chase it, we hate it, we accuse it for going too fast or too slow.

Sometimes we think there's too much of it. Most of the time we blame it for not being sufficient.

Time. I've been thinking a lot about Time lately. A glance in the mirror and there it is; it has marked my face, infiltrated my skin and traced its indelible signs, like annual rings of a tree.

We become the time we've spent, it shapes us like precious diamonds.

During this particular period though, it seems as if Time has ceased, as if it is exhausted and tired of running and has decided to rest for a while.

So here we are, standing on the sidelines, observing it, imploring generosity, waiting for what it has in store, hoping it will solve everything

“Time Is A Restless Thief” was written long before the world changed and Time broke into our lives and stole our future and is dedicated to all those whose dreams were much too brief."

Nina Pedersen

“Nina Pedersen, a Norwegian singer-songwriter, started her career in Italy in 1990, and she’s currently living in Portugal. Her fourth album “Time is a Restless Thief” is the second one produced by the same record label as “Eyes Wide Open” (Losen Records 2017) All songs are originals, written in English. Some songs are played by a string quartet, orthodox, but at the same time with a full taste of contemporary jazz, which make it quite unique. The talent of Nina Pedersen has been recognized by Karin Krog, one of the leading Norwegian singers. You can see her artistic ability in this new album”

Mr. Makoto Goto. Jazz Life. Japan

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