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Norwegian singer, songwriter and educator based in Rome and Lisbon. Her origins and her typical Nordic voice, brings her to deepen both the ancient music tradition of her native country, as well as what today is called Nordic Jazz.
She is a versatile singer and musician, active in various projects, although the last years she's been focusing on what she really love the most; songwriting. She defines herself  a "jazz songwriter", and this is how the critic  Adam Baruch describes her music:
"The original songs are all beautifully woven by their author, with superb melodic themes and intelligent lyrics. They are all standard quality and the album flows smoothly from start to finish like a collection of well known tunes, which of course is a rare quality..."



She loves mixing tradition and modernity, as she did in her first album, "Songs From The Top Of The World" (Alfa Music 2011), creating a new, modern sound to an "old" repertoire.

Three years later, in 2014, she "debuts" in Norway releasing "So Far So Good" for the Norwegian label "Sweet Morning Music" owned by the actress and jazz singer Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen.

Her third album "Eyes Wide Open" was released September 2017 by the Norwegian label Losen Records and distributed worldwide. Losen records published also her fourth album "Time Is a Restless Thief", released in 2020.

The great Norwegian singer Karin Krog describes her music:

"It was such a joy listening to Nina's album.

The more I listened to it, the more I enjoyed it.

These were melodic songs wich told a story, sung expressively by Nina's dark and mature voice.

The band is excellent with a totally contemporary feel, and obviously enjoying playing Nina's inventive compositions.

A top class album"

Karin Krog




Among her projects, the trio "Northern Lines, (with Pierpaolo Principato-piano, and Paolo Innarella - flute and saxophones), dedicated to  scandinavian traditional- and contemporary music.

She is the vocalist of "Moonlight Big Band". Their album "Swing e l'altra faccia della luna" was released in 2010.

Founder, arranger, and conductor of the a capella jazz choir "ConCorde" .

 Vocal jazz teacher at the institution of higher music education "Saint Louis College Of Music" in Rome.

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